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When people say there's no Planet B, they're wrong, there's always Mars!

 At least that's what we believe at ESCAPE TO MARS. 

Try your luck at our slot machine to see if you have what it takes to follow Jeffrey Bezos & Elon Musk and win a ticket to Mars 🚀 

(This is a Twine adaptation of the award winning show The House Never Wins, created as part of a company development project supported by Arts Council England, as a first experiment into using new digital software.)

‘[One of] a few companies who make strong cases for theatre in its digital form’ The New York Times

Created by Kill The Cat

Written  by Dylan Frankland 

Designed by Madeleine Allardice 

Dramaturgy by Upstart Theatre 

Technical Mentorship by Rob Sherman

Produced by Turtle Key Arts

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